Main Parts and Specification



Solar Panel

output voltage 6V,max output current 410mA
dimension of bag:245*170*5mm,weight of bag:135g

Accessories Plug6PCS

For Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erission, etc.

Input Cable


Output Cable


Power Bank(optional part)

Input5-6V, 500mA
output5.3V, 500mA  

USB universal charger
(optional part)

DC input: 5.0Ī0.25V
DC output: 4.2Ī0.05V,Max500mA

NI-MH battery charger
(optional part)

output voltage:DC5V  input current:500mA
output DC2x(1.4V-220mA)AA
output DC2x(1.4V-100mA)AAA

USB Universal chargerCan charge for almost all the mobile phone and digital devices battery by the solar panel, Lithium Polymer Battery,and the USB plug of the computer to ensure the power supply of mobile phone and digital camera etc.
USB NI-MH battery chargerCan charge for the AA and AAA NI-MH battery by the Lithium Polymer Battery or electricity to ensure the power supply of the digital camera and headlamp.

















This product is a multi-function business-use solar emergency charger, with built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery, can be used anywhere & anytime on your mobile phone, digital cameras, PDA, PSP, MP3, MP4, GPS, DV and digital products keep working and contacting with outside anytime & anywhere, itís all-alluminum design, easy to carry.

l         Easy to use: no matter when and where you can easily recharge your cell phone or other digital products.

l         High efficiency: Just recharging 60 minutes, can talk online 100-150 minutes.

l         Energy saving & environment protection: use green energy, the solar chargers, letís work together to contribute to environment protection.

l         LED lights: a high-brightness far horizon LED lights, can working more than 30 hours to facilitate the use of emergency and at night.

l         Safety for use: a rechargeable power management features to protect and effectively extend the battery life, keep you use safely.

Solar panel :0.4W(Amorphous silicon);
2.AC input:AC100V-240V;
3.DC output:5V±0.2V;
4.Max outpurt current :DC400mA-800mA;
5.Built in Lithium:1500mAh;
6.Size :105*48*12mm
7.With torhc:led:domension:5*4